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The mission of dănzinsküle Education Foundation is to empower teachers of ballroom dance by providing them with the necessary tools to build a successful program within the school system.


By using these resources, they can then offer students the opportunity to develop an appreciation for ballroom dance, to develop social skills, and to be engaged in an enjoyable and worthwhile physical activity.

Elementary Ballroom Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide social dance instruction for children in a positive, friendly, and fun atmosphere. We believe this type of instruction builds self-esteem and confidence. Through partnered ballroom dance movement, children learn mutual respect, and social skills useful throughout their lives.

Junior High Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide an opportunity for students to explore ballroom dance in an enjoyable, self-esteem building environment. They will learn respect for themselves and others as they gain self-confidence in a nurturing, yet challenging setting.

High School Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide an opportunity for students to learn fundamental skills for International style Ballroom and Latin dancing. By offering quality teacher training in current methods and concepts, students build strength, balance, and movement quality. Students can further prepare for competitive experiences through offered master classes where they can qualify for scholarship money to further their training. These opportunities prepare the student for future scholarship auditions at a University level.

Our Purpose
  1. To provide high-quality materials, resources, and teacher development

  2. To sponsor and organize recreational and qualifying events

  3. To provide funding for ballroom dance programs by subsidizing low income schools and recognizing student achievement through scholarships

One of our objectives in organizing dănzinsküle was to provide instruction, resources, and materials based on sound educational principles. In the process of producing these materials, we consulted with members of the Ballroom Dance Departments at both Brigham Young University and Utah Valley State College to be sure we were keeping to established principles that would help us align our curriculum with their established programs. We collaborated with these schools in an effort to create a seamless progression from elementary school, through junior and senior high, and which then prepares the student to keep progressing in their dancing when they go to college and be eligible for college scholarships.


Along with the collaboration we engaged in with these post-secondary schools, we also referred to the Utah State Core for Dance in an effort to structure the programs so as to be in line with expected objectives. While our elementary program is designed as an after-school activity, the junior high and high school levels are designed to be used within the school day as classes for which credit could be offered. As such, they needed to follow the state core requirements, however, Elementary Ballroom has implemented many lesson plans that offer a dance education experience.


Ballroom dance is becoming more and more popular, so we see a huge potential for growth in this area. While we welcome the prospect of having more students learning to dance, we also realize that there are some dangers in growing too quickly. We would much rather focus on quality over quantity. We realize that as word spreads, interest will grow. Our aim is to adjust to the growth we foresee so we may continue to maintain a high level of quality in our program and the materials and services we provide.

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